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Download Dream Psychology Ebook Pdf

Dream Psychology ebook

Dream Psychology Ebook

 By Sigmund Freud

 Language: English

 Publish Year : 2007


Download Dream Psychology



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E-Book review:

Sexologist, cocaine addict, prime inspiration for the Surrealist Movement... and one of the greatest revolutionary thinkers of the 20th century; Sigmund Freud was the founder of modern psychoanalysis, and his key works were in the unlocking of the secrets of dreams. In Dream Psychology, Freud distils and crystallizes the essence of his two key works in this field: The Interpretation Of Dreams (1900), and On Dreams (1901). Defining some of the key concepts which would be later incorporated into the first manifestos of Surrealism, Dream Psychology is an indispensible introduction to Freud, his fundamental principles of oneiric psychoanalysis, and his influence on subsequent generations of thinkers, writers and artists alike. It is also a primary resource for all those intrigued by the occult meaning of dreams, and those wishing to explore Freud's links with the Surrealist Movement. Including: DREAM MECHANISM · DREAM DESIRES · DREAM SECRETS · DREAM SEX · DREAM ANALYSIS · DREAM FUNCTION · DREAM REGRESSION · DREAMS AND THE UNCONSCIOUS With new essays by DM Mitchell and Candice Black on Freud, dreams and Surrealism. Translated by L. Red Liber. Solar Research Archive 1 : Solar Research Archive presents classic texts which influenced the members and affiliates of the Surrealist Group.

About the Author

Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) is world-renowned as the founder of psychoanalysis. He opened his first clinic in 1886, and in the following years began to develop his theories of the unconscious mind. After publishing some successful books on the subject, Freud was appointed to a professorship at the University of Vienna and began to develop a loyal following. His best-known books include: The Interpretation of Dreams (1899); Totem and Taboo (1913); and Beyond the Pleasure Principle (1920). His work was a seminal influence on the creation of Surrealism by André Breton. A life-long cocaine-user and cigar addict, Freud's death in 1939 was by a physician-assisted morphine overdose.


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